Saturday, January 5, 2008

05 Jan 08

I worked on the butterfly panel all day today. The symmetry afforded by our lofting arm is incredible; I will never do another car without one of these babies. I feel pretty confident that the panel will be totally finished tomorrow. The panel now has very good symmetry with respect to the other panel; I simply need to spend some time skimming the panel with body filler and block sanding the surface. The body filler gallon count now stands at 11. Hunt worked with the fiberglass resin some more today. He has it pretty well dialed in now after discovering that the MEKP we were using was bad. Caroline heated some toluene and melted paraffin wax into it. Adding this solution to the fiberglass resin will help prevent the surface layer from oxygen-inhibiting. This will help when it comes time to sand it.

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