Monday, January 14, 2008

14 Jan 08

I had to go to the DMV first thing this morning to replace my lost license; fortunately, their computers were down, and I have to go back tomorrow. I would have been really bummed out if I could have only gone all the way over there to wait in line only once this week. After that, Hunt, Zac, Ben and I started in on the passenger's side butterfly mold. We cut strips of chopped-strand mat, saturated them with resin, and covered them with strips of tessellated, end-grain balsa. We made a network of this formation across the entire panel. We then ground a bevel onto the edges of the balsa in conjunction with body filler to ease the transitions for the layer of chopped-strand mat that we were to apply next. We left at least a 2" border all the way around the balsa at the edge of the panel to allow the top layer of chopped-strand mat to bond with the fiberglass underneath the balsa. We worked really well today and got the passenger's side completely finished and the driver's side ready for the top layer of chopped strand mat first thing in the morning. Aaron made some improvements to the webcam, along with getting a list put up illustrating the tools we used on most of our parts in Splinter Vision.

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