Sunday, January 27, 2008

27 Jan 08

I worked on the passenger side rear wheel well area of the body mold for most of the day today. It is very close to finished. I will be really disappointed if we don't spray at least the passenger flank with body filler tomorrow. If we are lucky, Ben and I will finish the rear end tomorrow, too. Hunt, Caroline, and I experimented with weaving 2-4" strips of veneer for use as the inner skin of the butterfly panel. This is really going to be a sweet feature, as it conforms to the compound curvature of the part and gives balanced strength in 2 directions. The tricky part will be spreading the adhesive, but we have several ideas about how to do it, any of which would probably work. We just won't know the best way until we try one, and it will be interesting to play with. Looks like we are going to need to find some clear epoxy.

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