Tuesday, January 15, 2008

15 Jan 08

I successfully got my license first thing this morning, which is good since I have to get on a plane tomorrow. When I got back to the shop, Shane and Reggie were here from the power company to run the power line from the street to the shop. We had been subbing the electricity off the breaker on the back porch of the house and did not have enough juice to run our press, plus the lights dimmed every time the compressor fired up, which wasn't terribly comforting. It took a while to get the line pulled through the underground conduit because water had frozen inside, but we finally got it going. Zac, Ben and I coated the driver's side of the butterfly panels in a layer of chopped strand mat until Aaron came with the pizza for lunch. Since we are done with fiberglass for a while, Zac, Ben and I spent a while cleaning up in the shop. Hunt popped the fiberglass molds from the butterfly panels, and Zac and Ben each cleaned up the edges of one. The inside surface looks really nice. Tomorrow we will likely tear off the butterfly panels and finish sculpting the underlying surfaces. Aaron finished up some loose ends on the website for most of the day, then helped Zac take down a fence out back at the end of the day.

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