Thursday, January 3, 2008

03 Jan 08

Today, Hunt and I spent the morning working on a new measuring apparatus that will work in conjuntion with our original lofting arm. We dimensioned a 2" thick piece of ash and drilled 1/4" holes in it at 4" intervals. A measuring stick fits in each of these holes. We also drilled and tapped a hole that is perpendicular to each of the aforementioned holes. We then welded up some T-handled screws that fit in each of the tapped holes to lock the measuring sticks in place. This system works pretty well, but I still use the single stick measurer most of the time. We went to Home Depot again today to get the wood for the lean-to, which ended up being just over $350. I worked on the butterfly panel the rest of the afternoon. The whole panel is skimmed in body filler, but I am sure much of it will get ground away or covered by more body filler. Aaron and Zac got our 11-horse Porter-Cable compressor covered up outside with a small shed from Hunt's place.

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