Monday, January 28, 2008

28 Jan 08

Lots of body work today, as usual. I got the side ready for a body filler spray and made a good deal of progress on the back. Aaron, Ben and Zac welded together the subframe for the floor of the new shop. They worked on it all day, but it looked good by the end. Ben wasn't working inside with me today, but Luke did show up late this afternoon. He helped me work on the back some and stayed for dinner. After dinner, Caroline, Luke and I added another layer to the butterfly panel. Everything went smoothly with that. My old man called in the middle of vacuuming the veneer down to brag to me about his technical savvy as he watched us work on the live webcam.
After vacuuming the layer on, Luke left and I went about writing an article on the Detroit Auto Show for At a little after 1am, I was writing up the final of 10 cars when I went to look up a fact. Somehow, I lost my work from all the way back to #3 at this point. I decided to go to bed and lay for about 75 seconds before deciding to go rewrite it, which took until about 250am. Tomorrow is going to be a rough morning, I have a feeling.

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