Monday, January 21, 2008

21 Jan 08

Hunt and I started off the morning by getting a capacitor for the motor we will use for a vacuum pump we are assembling. When we got back, I got Ben working on the back end of the car some more. He worked on this all day long, and it is looking a lot better. Aaron and Zac laid out the footprint for a new building we are making in the back for glue-ups. After lunch, Hunt and I went to see our buddies at Tramway Veneers to get some hickory and birch veneer clipped for use on the butterfly panels. While we were gone, Aaron and Zac dug holes and poured concrete around the posts for the new building. After dinner, I went back outside and worked some more on the surfaces of the mold that make up the flanks of the car. Pretty rundown tonight, I hope I am not getting sick; keep the fingers crossed.

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