Friday, January 11, 2008

11 Jan 08

Bad news today, as we suffered a loss to the team. Pitch had been missing for 5 days today and was finally found in a drain pipe near the street. We suspect he was hit by a car. We are all pretty sad about it, but at least it is good to have some closure. He will be missed.
First thing this morning, Hunt and I sprayed gel coat onto the butterfly panels. If everything works properly, this will ultimately adhere to the fiberglass and release from the butterfly panels. We had to wait several hours for the gel coat to dry, so we ran a few errands. We got Aaron and Zac some concrete and some 4X4s to start a new building that will house our body mold. We had a visit from a guy named Ben today who might be interested in helping us out on the car, so we look forward to that possibility. Hunt and I got a layer of chopped strand mat and a layer of boat cloth on the butterfly panels before the day was out. Tomorrow, we start building thickness with the fabmat, which is a combination of woven roving and chopped strand mat bound by a thermoplastic resin. Once we get these butterfly panel molds completed, we can tear the butterflies off and finish the rest of the body mold which lies underneath them.

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Anonymous said...

So very sad! No more "tall walkin' big black cat" on the back steps in the mornings and afternoons. No more "magnificent beast" to come around for some social snackage and a good scratch. We all mourn the loss of our Mr. Pitch.