Saturday, January 12, 2008

12 Jan 08

First thing this morning, Hunt and I applied a layer of fabmat to each butterfly panel. That stuff is probably about as thick as you can go in one shot; I guess it gave us almost 1/8" of thickness. We used rollers, brushes, and squeegees to force the fiberglass resin into the fabmat. We had to wait quite a while for that to cure, so we went off to the junkyard to look for something to make a rack for all of our fiberglass rolls. We have 4 rolls of different kinds of fiberglass material that each weigh over 100lbs, and we need something to hold them and dispense fabric. We amazingly found almost the perfect device that required only slight modification to function. Unfortunately, it is made of stainless and set us back quite a few bucks. Anyway, I spent the next hour or so getting the rack ready after lunch and loaded the rolls onto it. It is a real beauty; now I don't have to pick up heavy rolls of fiberglass all day and incur constant forearm itch. After getting the rack rolling, Hunt and I laid up a layer of chopped strand mat and a layer of boat cloth on each butterfly panel and left it to cure. I have had enough fiberglass to last me until tomorrow; time to call it a day.

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