Tuesday, January 22, 2008

22 Jan 08

Lost of work done on the side and rear of the body mold today. Ben worked on the back all day again today, and I worked the side most of the day. The crease in the side is looking pretty respectable, but the surfaces still need a good bit more work. I had to crawl under the house today and fix a hot water line that froze and burst last night. Caroline didn't say anything, but I got the distinct impression that she was not too happy about going without hot water last night and this morning. Aaron put a backsplash on the infeed/outfeed tables that also attaches them to the wall. He and Zac also cut all the steel that we will use for the floor joists in the new building. Hunt worked on our vacuum pump for most of the day. A bracket was broken off of the pump, either during shipping or soon before, so he is going to weld it up. Feeling pretty sick today, so I am going to take it easy tonight.

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