Friday, January 4, 2008

04 Jan 08

I essentially worked on the butterfly panel all day today. It's eyeball symmetrical, but it isn't a nice surface yet, and the symmetry will be refined more. I should just about have it tomorrow, since I usually get a lot done on Saturdays due to a relative shortage of interruptions. Hunt did a lot of work getting our polyester resin system working. We were able to get 55gal drum of unpromoted resin for almost nothing, but we didn't know exactly how much cobalt napthenate to use with our particular resin. Fortunately, Hunt spent a good part of the day and figured it out. We also got some paraffin wax to mix in to protect the surface layer from oxygen-inhibition and the resulting clogged sandpaper. We will be ready to start making fiberglass molds soon. Aaron and Zac got the headers up for the lean-to today, and they should be able to get the rafters going on Monday.

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