Monday, December 17, 2007

17 Dec 07

We passed our final inspection today. That is a big relief. Now we can get electricity from the street instead of pulling it from the house. I worked on the nose pretty much all day today. The body filler gallon count is at 4.5. The nose is officially symmetrical with only minor surfacing issues left to resolve. Soon, like tomorrow, we will be ready to seal it. Zac cleaned up the shop, moved a stack of veneer, and worked on running wires outside the shop for the compressor today. Aaron worked on the computer 3D model. The renderings were updated to show the exhaust exits.


glenwood said...

Joe, Why'd you guys can the muffler/spoiler idea?

I'll admit the car looks nice without it, but seriously, it was a muffler tip AND a spoiler, where else has that ever been done?

Joe said...

Sorry Glenwood,
I never check these things. We had to cut that part of the project for now due to time constraints. The setup is still as such that we can add and build it later. Making it is going to involving 3dimensionally forming stainless steel, plus a bunch of other things, and we just don't have time to get it done by August. When are you coming back out? Later, buddy.