Tuesday, December 4, 2007

04 Dec 07

This morning, I mounted the exterior lights outside the front and the back of the blue room while Hunt tied up some issues in the breaker box. I did some shaping on the side of the butterfly panel and fit a couple of pieces to trim the edges with. Aaron and I worked on preparing a booklet with pics of the car to take with us to the PRI show. Aaron also finally finished up the engine animation. Check it out below in the blog. Zac had the joy of crawling under the house to connect the ethernet, cable, and telephone wires to the blue room. He also cleaned up the blue room a bit and mixed and poured the compressor pad. He drilled the bolt pattern found on the compressor feet in a sheet of plywood and threaded j-bolts through it. After pouring the pad, he stuck the bolts into the concrete before it dried so that the compressor will sit directly on the anchored bolts. We had a surprise visit from our buddies, Ken Blake and Shane Wright of National Casein, this evening. They seemed to think the project was going really well, and it was good to see them.

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