Monday, December 3, 2007

03 Dec 07

We had to work on the wiring in the blue room today to get it ready for inspection. Zac and I planed some wood to use for strips that will make up the butterfly panels. We later decided not to use them. I fit some removable blocks on the top of the car mold that will be part of the butterfly panels. These pieces must be removable so that we can mold the piece that lays underneath the butterfly panel, as well as the butterfly panel itself. We got two front tires put on Big Red for our trip to Charleston on the way to the PRI show in Orlando. We are going to stop by and see our buddies at Whiteville Plywood on the way. Zac framed up a spot for a concrete pad for our air compressor outside the blue room. Aaron worked on the website and the engine animation.

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