Thursday, December 6, 2007

05 Dec 07

I started this morning by working on the butterfly panel trim piece some more. I successfully tested the sharpness of one of my spade bits on the palm of my hand. I concluded that it didn't really need any sharpening. I spent a while getting ready and making sure that everything was packed. Aaron went to get the booklet for the PRI show, and Zac fixed the ends on the ethernet cable going to the blue room and helped me pack. Big Red is looking good. As soon as Caroline came home from class, Hunt, Caroline and I hit the road in Big Red with straps, our bags, and a wooden rear wheel in the bed. We made it to Whiteville Plywood at about 4pm, where we saw Dail, Malton, Billy, Dick, John, and Bob. They graciously gave us a load of rotary cut birch off-fall which we will use at the substrate for our body panels. From there, we went on to Rue de Muckle by 8pm, where Smokey, Cuda and the old man were waiting to go out to Poe's for dinner. To Orlando tomorrow for the PRI.

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