Friday, December 7, 2007

06 Dec 07

We left Mount Pleasant at around 8am and had a fairly uneventful pilgramage to Orlando. We arrived around 400pm and went straight to the show. We went straight to meet John McCrory at the Aurora Bearings booth and wandered around for the remainder of the show. The hotel I reserved was supercheap and rated at 1.5 stars, so no one was expecting anything special. When we pulled up to the place, I was surprised to notice that we were behind a Bentley Continental GT. As I looked around, I was amazed at how nice the place was. I felt like we had found the steal of the century. As we were waiting in line to check in, I looked at my confirmation sheet, and noticed that the hotel name was the Wynfield, as opposed to the Wyndham, in which we were standing. Fortunately, we left before we got to the front desk. When we found the right hotel, we no longer thought that we had found the steal of the century. In fact, it was hard to think at all over the noise of the freeway that ran about 10 feet beyond the doors to the rooms. After pizza for dinner and an adventure of getting locked out of the room, we went to bed ready for a big day tomorrow.

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