Wednesday, September 3, 2008

03 Sep 08

I went to school this morning to work on my portfolio, and Hunt glued up more plywood pieces while I was gone. When I got back, I went to work on more trim pieces and figuring out how to mount the headlights. That is going to be a complicated part, but it should be doable. Luke, Christina, and Ben came by to watch the piece about the car on the Discovery Channel tonight, which everyone was pleased with. Ken Hamm and his crew made me look about as close to a normal human being as is possible. Hunt came back up to glue up one last part, and Caroline, Luke, Christina, Ben and I went out to eat.

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Gordon said...

I saw the Discovery piece last night....what a pleasant surprise to see the car has so much momentum and hasn't even hit the pavement. I've read thru the official website, purchased the latest WOOD mag just for the article, and I'm already a huge fan. The Discovery spot was I have to wonder, what next?