Saturday, November 17, 2007

17 Nov 07

No block grinding or gluing today. Today, we worked on making our measuring system for the wood body mold. The system will consist of a rail on each side of the mold with a crossbar that will roll up and down the length of the rails. This bar and the uprights that support it will allow us to measure any point we could need. Building this system involved welding brackets that we could lag bolt to the platform. We also had to make some cradles that let the rails sit on the brackets. Tomorrow we will build the crossbar. Also today, we received the points from Paul of ETemplate. We were all amazed; to be able to get that set of data that quickly and easily is mindblowing to me. Now that we have the points we need, we will be ready to start fine tuning the body mold as soon as we finish our rail measuring system.

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