Wednesday, November 14, 2007

14 Nov 07

Everyone was back at work today. I glued and carved more blocks on the wooden body mold, as I have been doing for several days now. We found a great new tool for rapid stock removal today. It's basically a pneumatic hammer with an angled chisel tip that Hunt made. The hammer vibrates the chisel, and you can walk it right down a block if you go with the grain. It doesn't like knots, and you have to be careful not to go too deep, but it's amazing when used correctly. A tool like this will allow us the luxury of not having to pre-bandsaw every block. Zac spent the morning cleaning up block scraps, sawdust and wood trimmings off the floor and the afternoon getting our barrel wood stove set up. He had to plasma cut holes in a 55gal. stainless drum for the door and the chimney, along with mounting the legs. That is really going to be nice in a couple weeks. Aaron made great strides on the How It's Made section of the website. Everyone is excited about it. Even Brownie.

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