Tuesday, November 13, 2007

13 Nov 07

Today I did a tremendous amount of grinding to shape the nose from a block to a nose. It felt like it was raining wood. Somehow, the chainsaw blade attachment for the 4.5" grinder seems to know the exact location of my face, toward which it evacuates about 90% of the wood chips. Fortunately, most of the massive stock removal is over with, because we will pre-bandsaw each layer from now on. We tried an electric chainsaw, but it really worked poorly. Looks as though we will stick with the grinder and palm planer for most of this job. Hunt made a monumental step today, as he finished wiring the Black Bros. press. We now have up and down motion. This will allow us to make the final major rear suspension component and come one step closer having the Splinter sitting on 4 wheels. Aaron worked on the website some more. Zac had the day off.

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