Friday, September 26, 2008

25 Sep 08

Spent most of the morning getting my laptop running again. It failed in the middle of the presenstation at VT last week, and we are going to be seriously needing that thing. Aaron was up to the job, fortunately. In the afternoon, I worked on the butterfly panels some more. The inner edge of each panel has some waves that show up in the clearcoat where I clamped the trim piece on. I was cognizant about not clamping them on too hard, but I think it would have been impossible to do it without reblocking that area. The amount of difference it takes to become a visible dip or wave in the surface is probably something like 10 thousands of an inch, and it was bound to move that much. Next time, the trim should definitely go on first.


EG said...

did you take a vacation? its now 10-28 and no new posts in what looked like a perpetual stream of blogging.
I love your project, BTW.

hobocop said...

I frequently check in to see if there is anything new. I really like how ambitious this project is but I think that you've abandoned this blog. That's too bad. Best of luck with the car.

aa said...